The Once in a Lifetime Experience (Obs)

Topics: Outward Bound, Debut albums, Pulau Ubin Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: March 29, 2009
Friday was the day that I've been waiting since 2 months ago. It's the end of OBS, Outward Bound Singapore. Camping, kayaking, and hiking are the activities there. I got the sea expedition, which means 24 km kayaking from Pulau Ubin to Pulau Sembawang.

It was tiring, of course, but it was worth it. "The most painful experience is when you repeat the same mistake again", that's what my instructor said. "What do you want to be in hot water? The egg, which will harden or the carrot, which will soften or even coffee, which will make the water changes color, fragrance, and taste?” this is what he asked on the last day.

I learned a lot from my instructors. They painstakingly explained every detail of the activities and the safety measures. They are sensible for they know what to do in every kind of situation we faced. They appreciate our effort, encourage us to reach the target, and most of all, they were there for us.

We were pushed to our maximum in this course, with pressure and target. We have to have integrity and determination. Our mission was to paddle 24 km. I never thought that I could do it, but I did it and it feels awesome! Even though there were lots of obstacles, like weather, the current, the waves, and the wind, we still made it. From this journey, I can learn something. Its not about what we got, its about how we make use of it. Everyone can paddle, but not everyone would try to paddle 24 km.

We were required to work with our teammate. It doesn't matter which class she is from. We just work together. From this experience, I learned, there are people who try but didn't make it and there are people who can, but didn't try. There are people who are thankful for what they receive from others and there are people who give because they feel thankful.

I was an observant there, looking for different traits and personality. And I gained a lot. People encourage others mostly because they need the encouragement too. People would help those they...
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