The Olive Garden Experience

Topics: Eating, Restaurant, Olive Garden Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: June 5, 2012
The Olive Garden Experience
By: Alla Hajeh
English 112

Professor Clara Gerl

May 20, 2012

Trying out new restaurants can sometimes be risky. Never knowing what to expect and not knowing whether the money spent is going to be worth the while comes to mind. I had one day decided to give the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant a try. Since hearing about it from all of my friends and family members I was finally persuaded to go and experience it for myself. Italian food is very unique and requires a lot of different spices. If one thing wasn’t right or missing it can easily ruin the meal; it has to be done in a precise way. In the end Olive Garden had exceeded my expectations with providing a classy environment, great quality food, and effective service.

The Olive Garden restaurant does a great job of creating a classy environment. When entering the restaurant I felt like I had entered into a piece of Italy. The setting gave off warmth that was comforting and relaxing. There were grape vines coming down from the ceiling that gave it an “Italian touch”. There were walls that were made out of stones that reminded me of Italy’s castles and gave the setting a romantic feel. When I go out to eat I want to experience something different than the environment in my house. Olive Garden’s environment is different and unique. Its interior colors and design matches the restaurants’ theme making it and enjoyable experience even before the food comes.

Italian food is like no other and the Olive Garden makes its food speak for itself. The warm breadsticks that were presented were delicious and mouthwatering. It was warm, fresh, and the garlic spices in it hit the spot. When it came down to ordering the main course I did not know what to choose from. Everything on the menu sounded so good and I wanted to try everything. I ended up choosing the Chicken Alfredo and before I knew it I had finished it all enjoying every single bite. The quality of the food...
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