The Old Man at the Bridge- Ernest Heminway

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Short story, Suicide Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: October 9, 2012
By investigating The Old Man At The Bridge, we can understand that that the author Ernest Hemingway is potraying the short story as an example of the relationship that he previousily shared with his father. Hemingway uses devices such as the plot and characters to suggest that Hemingway and his father were not close. He also emphasizes his fathers death in this story; how he was watching through a window of consciencenous.

This short story describes Hemingway and his fathers interconnection. In the story The Old Man and the Soldier do not know eachother. The soldier sees The Old Man as a stranger in his eyes. The soldier is just there doing his job, and happens to see an old man that he'd never seen before, sitting on the bridge. "An old man with steel rimmed spectacles and very dusty clothes sat by the side of the road." (Hemingway1) What makes this a bit interesting is that during his real life, Hemingway was distant from his father. They did not have a good father to son connection that the Dad's are always braging about. "Growing to disdain his father and despise his mother, Hemingway left Oak Park, Illinois, at 18 to begin his career as a journalist at The Kansas City Star." (Broad,2,1) After his father had committed suicide he felt somewhat more degrated and left behind. Therefore, The Old Man and Soldier symbolize his father and how Hemingway saw their relations.

To continue with, The Old Man At The Bridge is a brief description of Hemingway's real life relationship between him and his father. In the story the bridge is the door to death and The Old Man is waiting behind it, in the reality of the story he at his last breathe, he's old and he doesn't want to go on. While this happens, the soldier is standing by watching and knowing that he is going to die if he doesn't move along. The Soldier tries but he makes no difference to The Old Man; "If you are rested I would go," I urged. "Get up and try to walk now." "Thank you," he said and got to his...
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