The Old Man and the Sea

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The Old Man and the Sea

By | October 2008
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1. The Old Man and the Sea was very popular with the critics. It was apparently a very simple story about a fisherman who is trying to win the “battle with sharks over the carcass of his giant marlin” which he seems to be losing. The people from Life magazine bought the rights to this story and published the entire thing in their magazine. Several different companies sold THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of copies of this “novella” in a very short amount of time. I really don’t know a lot about this book other than what I have read in this article….So I’m not really sure what my personal comments would be about it. Other than the fact that a story about a fisherman trying to save his fish from the sharks doesn’t sound interesting to me at all….so I’m not sure how it got so popular??? (

2. “Dickinson's poetry is remarkable for its emotional and intellectual energy as well as its extreme distillation. In form, everything about it is tightly condensed. Words and phrases are set off by dashes, stanzas are brief, and the longest poem occupies less than two printed pages. Yet in theme and tone her poems grasp for the sublime in their daring expression of the soul's extremities. Stylistic tendencies such as her inclination toward symbolically freighted words such as "Circumference," her ironic wit, her adoption of personae, her penchant for oxymoron ("sumptuous--Despair--" [P505, p. 387]; "Heavenly Hurt" [P258, p. 185]), her punctuation that withholds traditional syntactic markers, her omission of titles, her recording of poems in multiple versions with variant words and stanzas, her willingness to leave poems unfinished, and even the distinctive amount of white space she left on the page force readers to involve themselves directly in this poetry in a way that forecloses definitive readings even while encouraging an exceptional degree of intimacy between reader and poet.” ( I went to this website to read...

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