The Office of the Attorney General, Texas

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The Office of the Attorney General, Texas
The office of the Texas Attorney General is an office of immense importance. Texas relies on this office in seeking justice in compliance with legal and just laws. The Texas Attorney General is, therefore, delegated with a lot of power and responsibilities in the governance and sustenance of justice in the State. The Texas Attorney General’s office was established by an executive ordinance that relied on the 1985’s constitution with root laws borrowed from the Spanish Civil Law and the British Common Law. The Texas AG office adheres to the regulations of the State of Texas, and ultimately to the Constitution and Government of the United States of America. The first four AG’s in Texas were appointed in regard to the provisions contained in the 1845 Constitution. Contained therein, the right of appointment lay with the governor. Subsequently, the governors occupying the Texas Governor’s office had the privilege to appoint the AG’s (James 34). The Texas Attorney General’s office was created with the aim of providing guidance to state agencies, and the representation of justice to victims of injustice. In the mandate of proper execution of state agencies, the office of the Texas Attorney General has privileged power to investigate inefficiencies and corruption in the state departments. In execution of these responsibilities, the Texas Attorney General works with federal agencies in assisting the governor and the secretary of state in approving government projects and state policies. As far as the execution of justice in the state of Texas is concerned, the Texas Attorney General teams up with the governor in office to engage in extradition proceedings, and in the informational capacity granted to juries who appear in court cases. As the lead prosecutor, the governor delegates the Texas Attorney General to initiate inquiries into reported crimes and civil cases in a bid to curtail suspected illegitimate and criminal...
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