The Odyssey vs. O, Brother Where Art Though

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  • Published : December 15, 2008
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The poem “The Odyssey” and the movie O, Brother Where Are Thou were about two men and their struggle to get home. They were similar in many ways, yet they were also very different. Some of the similarities are more obvious and some of them are somewhat discrete. It was a very good way of showing what happened to Odysseus in a more modern way.

In “The Odyssey” the main character’s name is Odysseus, which in Roman is Ulysses. Odysseus was on a journey home from the Trojan War. He had a wife named Penelope. He had one child, son named Telemachus. Odysseus had a crew made up of twelve men.

In the movie O, Brother Where Art Thou, the main character’s name was Ulysses Everett McGill, but he went by Everett. He was on a journey for a “treasure” after escaping from jail. His wife was a woman named Penny, short for Penelope. Everett had seven young daughters. He had two friends that escaped from jail with him, Peter and Delmar.

Odysseus encountered many obstacles on his journey to his home in Ithaca. But before he went, he prayed to the muse for help. He was also warned by the blind prophet Tireceus. On his journey he came into a Cyclops, Lotus flowers, Sirens, Calypso, and many other obstacles. The Cyclops was an angry one eyed monster that killed six of Odysseus men. They were able to escape from him by throwing a spear in his eye. The Lotus Flowers were something that his crew would eat and forget everything and not want to go home. They got away from them because he tied up his men and dragged them back to the ship. The Sirens were seducing women, which were bathing in the water, hypnotizing them with song and tried to kill them. Calypso was a storm that lasted for a month. Everett and his friends had many obstacles along the way. They also asked the Muse for help. At the beginning of the journey they encountered a blind man who told them that they were going to have struggles, like the blind prophet with Odysseus. They also came along a man who...
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