The Odyssey Odysseus' Journey

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  • Published : December 18, 2011
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The Odyssey

In Homer’s The Odyssey, Great Odysseus, King of Ithaca, struggles to get home to his wife and kingship for over 20 years. During his absence, suitors try taking the throne of King Odysseus and stealing his wife, Penelope. Throughout his journey, Great Odysseus encounters Circe’s island, the island of Calypso, the island of Polyphemus, and Poseidon’s torture at sea, that slow down his journey getting home; but these moments show his heroism.

The first island he encounters is home of the goddess, Circe. Odysseus and his men stop at this island in hope for direction to Ithaca. At this island Odysseus’s men are drugged and turn into pigs. Odysseus does not turn into a pig, because of a drug he obtained from Hermes. Circe sees that Odysseus does not turn into a pig and is shocked. Her excitement shows in (10. 362-366); “I’m wonderstruck- you drank my drugs, you’re not bewitched! Never has any other man withstood my potion, never, once it’s past his lips and he has drunk it down.” Circe respects Odysseus and invites him to sleep with her. Great Odysseus, being the suave man he is, accepts the invitation under the condition of his crewmembers to be turned back into humans. A year passes by and Odysseus’ men decide that it is time to leave Circe and continue on home. Odysseus has been Circe’s lover for that whole year. (10. 517-522), “But then, when the year was gone and the seasons wheeled by and the months waned the long days came round again, my loyal comrades took me aside and prodded, ‘Captain, this is madness! High time you thought of your own home at last, if it really is your fate to make it back alive and reach your well-built house and native land.” The son of Laertes can be the one to be blamed. He and his crew stayed on this island, because of Odysseus sleeping with the goddess. He does not think about going home right away. He does not use right judgment.

Odysseus’ next moment is at Calypso’s island. Calypso is a lustrous goddess and...
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