The Odyssey Book 5 Notes

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The Odyssey Book 5
* Athene spoke first.
* Athene says ‘kindness, generosity and justice should no longer be the aims of any man who wields a royal sceptre – in fact he might just as well devote his days to tyranny and lawless deeds.’ * Athene is Zeus’ child.

* Zeus sent Hermes to Ogygia to tell Calypso to release Odysseus. * Odysseus was to have no help on his way home however this didn’t happen. He had assistance from, Ino, Athene, the river god and the Phaeacians. * Odysseus reached Scherie on the 20th day.

* Hermes put on his golden sandals.
* Hermes carried his wand.
* Hermes was described as a sea-gull – a simile.
* Calypso was singing and weaving.
* Odysseus is on the sea shore.
* Hermes doesn’t see Odysseus.
* Calypso calls Hermes ‘Hermes of the golden wand.’ – An epithet. * Hermes eats ambrosia and drinks red nectar.
* Hermes complains that it was a long way here ‘across that vast expanse of salt water’ and no one on the way to offer a sacrifice to him. * Calypso must send Odysseus off ‘without delay’.
* Calypso accuses the gods of being jealous.
* Calypso quotes Dawn and Orion; Demeter and Iasion, when accusing the gods. * Odysseus weeps every day for his lost home.
* Odysseus shuddered because he doesn’t trust her – she said she was ready to help him leave her island, but he suspects a trap and fears ‘this formidable sea.’ * Calypso smiled and stroked Odysseus’ hand, to show she’s swearing oath. * Calypso and Odysseus then go to her cave.

* Odysseus sits in the same chair that Hermes had just sat in. * Odysseus appeases to Calypso by telling her that Penelope’s looks and stature are inferior compared to Calypso’s, plus ‘she is mortal, while you have immortality and unfading youth.’ * Odysseus cuts down 20 trees.

* It takes Odysseus 4 days to build the raft.
* Calypso bathes and clothes Odysseus before he sets sail. * Calypso also gives Odysseus 2 skins...
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