The Odyssey and O'Brother Where Art Thou

Topics: Odyssey, Odysseus, Trojan War Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Cynthia Quito
December 13,2012
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Compare & Contrast
“ The Odyssey “ And “ O’Brother Where Art Thou
In the beginning of the movie we meet Everett, Pete and Delmar. Everett’s first name is Ulysses and Ulysses in roman is odysseus which is a comparison with the odyssey because they both have a similar meaning in names as also odysseus wife was called Penelope and Everett’s wife was called penny which was short for penelope. In the odyssey there is a Cyclopes mentioned who is a tall, one-eyed monster. Meanwhile, in a comparison the movie O’brother where art thou, pete and Everett meet a bible seller who was called after big dan. Big dan was a big man, who as well had and eye patch on one of his eyes. This big dan guy is in oneway or another like the Cyclopes in the odyssey. Afterwards, odysseus kills the Cyclopes and they escape but the Cyclopes is poseidon’s son in which then posiedon is the god of the water and makes it difficult for odysseus to try to get back to his home. Odysseus and his man arrives at a cabin when a big flood arrived next to them. Odysseus and two if his man survived while the rest drowned but this flood in fact helped odysseus and his two man left arrived back home to there families and wifes. Another description of Poseidon would be the sheriff cooley who in O’brother where art thou is who is trying to make all three Pete , Delmar and Everett’s life miserable and get them back from where they belong which was working as chaingang. At last, all three are captured and they are going to be hung when all of a sudden the floor start moving and a flood of water heads towards them and they don’t end up being hung but actually being saved. This water in both ways help each other by not getting hung and being able to live there life one again with there family. In my way of explaining I say that these both movies had a good connection which was actually interesting both have different seeks but both end as they were suppose...
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