The Odyssey

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Question: What are the concepts of a Greek leader?
Leadership is one of the world's oldest preoccupations. Throughout The Odyssey we see many different leader figures but one stands out in particular; Odysseus. Odysseus demonstrates the concepts of a leader through the treatment of his men and how he deals with problems that are presented to him. I will show you how I see this to be true. But first off, a Greek leader must be different from the rest not only from their actions but their character, he must be able to lead a military well but also know when war is necessary. He must be brave and courageous and able to think quickly in crucial situations. Odysseus shows all of these traits throughout the novel, for example in book 9 when he is confronted with Polyphemus (The Cyclops). Odysseus used his intelligence to make a plan to get the Cyclopes to role the stone away and for them to be able to escape. Odysseus did this by poking the Cyclopes in the eye and blinding him. This plan took a great deal of intelligence. Also another way intelligence was used by Odysseus was the plan to kill the suitors. Odysseus could have just stormed in his house a tried to kill the suitors but he would have been killed. Instead, he waited until he could take them by surprise.

Odysseus possesses bravery. This is evident when he fights the god Poseidon, telling him he is unstoppable. Another sign of bravery in Odysseus is when he risks his life to save his crew when Circe turned them into pigs, by going back to save them, when he could have easily left them. One scene from book 11 really puts meaning to this trait that Odysseus has when he says: “From every side they came and sought the pit with rustling cries; and I grew sick with fear. Meanwhile I crouched with my drawn sword to keep the surging phantoms from the bloody pit till I should know the presence of Teiresias...” In this quote Odysseus uses bravery in the underworld when he goes to speak with a prophet about how...
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