The Odyssey

Topics: Odyssey, Homer, Sigmund Freud Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: December 4, 2011
My essay on The Odyssey by Homer (TRANSLATED BY ROBERT FAGLES). My personal notes will be added in []'s, the rest is straight from the instruction sheet. Assignment: Which two of man's greatest desires create the most suffering in a person's life and/or society? Write a 4-paragraph essay in which you analyze the destructive nature of two desires. Use the events in The Odyssey to support your points. "USE COMPLEX SENTENCES! EVERY SENTENCE COUNTS!"

Required Structure of Essay in Chronological order:
-Title, author, brief summary (1-2 sentences max)
-Intro topic - the nature of a desire in general according to S. Freud (1-2 sent. max) -Thesis Statement (already assigned) - "Characters in The Odyssey struggle to control their desires. However, it is through the struggle with the Id [Sigmund Freud, philopsipher's word for desire and ego] that mankind and society evolve. TOTAL SENTENCES: 4-6 max.

TWO Body Paragraphs (same structure for each)
-Topic sentence - each one argues different desire (not about the Odyssey) (1 sent. max) -Expansion on why desire is a problem to man (1-2 sent. max) -Connection to the epic [The Odyssey] (1-2 sent. max)

-Set-up evidence/example from epic (2-3 sent. max)
-Key passage with MLA citation (1 sentence max.)
-Analysis of the long-lasting effect of the desire in the epic (2-3 sent. max) TOTAL SENTENCES: 8-12 max.

-Conclude how mankind and/or society has positively evolved as a direct result of struggling with the Id or his desires. -Idea must move BEYOND the literary work
"The conclusion can only be written because of your body paragraphs!" TOTAL SENTENCES: 3-4 MAX.
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