The Odyssey

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  • Published : June 1, 2008
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Characteristics of the Gods

The three characteristics of the Greek Gods that are presented throughout Odysseus’s journey are that they are powerful, they could be helpful or harmful to his voyage, and they are worshiped by human.

The gods presented in The Odyssey, especially Zeus and Poseidon, show their power and rage throughout Odysseus’s journey. Zeus, the God of all the Gods, is so powerful, he could destroy and entire ship and crew if he needs to because he wants to destroy Odysseus’s ship. Zeus is “still obsessed with plans to destroy my entire oar swept fleet and loyal crew of comrades” (229). Just like Zeus, Poseidon is also extremely powerful. He is so powerful, his great name, Earth-Shaker, shows his awesome might. Poseidon is deeply angry with Odysseus and Odysseus declares “it’s the Earth-Shaker, Poseidon, unappeased, forever fuming against him for the Cyclops whose giant eye he blinded” (79). Odysseus blinded the Cyclops, Poseidon’s son, and Poseidon will not forgive him for that. Zeus, being one of the most powerful Gods there are, could kill and entire group of people if he desires or if needed. The suitors have angered Telemachus for the last time so he cries “out to the everlasting Gods in hopes that Zeus will pay you back with a vengeance- all of you destroyed my house while I go scot-free myself!” (98). All of the suitors are in Telemachus’s house and they are destroying it. The God’s power is unquestionable and incomparable to humans.

As Odysseus’s journey continues, some of the gods are helpful and some are harmful to the progress of his voyage. Athena, being a god who helps him throughout his entire journey, inspires him with blazing accusations and complements while he is fighting the wretched suitors. She wants to know where its “gone, Odysseus- your power, your fighting heart? The great soldier who fought for famous white-armed Helen, battling Trojans nine long years- nonstop, no mercy, mowing their armies down in grueling battle-...
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