The Odessey

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Anderson 1

Jonathan Anderson
Mrs. Diehl
English 9
3 February 2012

The Roles of Lies and Stories in The Odyssey

The Odyssey was written by the poet Homer. Many examples of lies in the poem show the reader how the outcomes change the plot. Each lie seems to have good intentions as to why it happened. The role of lies also shows the reader how the characters like Odysseus can be deceitful but also meaningful. Examples of roles of lies are when Odysseus disguises himself, Odysseus’ stories of heroicness, and the suitor’s treatment to her husband.

Odysseus shows his disguise as a beggar to show many thought out plans and actions. As the beggar, Odysseus tries to lie about his identity to show Telemachus and Peneolpe that his person wants to start war with the suitors. In order for him to accomplish this task, he first must have held his identity from the Cyclops. He accomplishes this by taking smart and clever turns in order that might have success. Odysseus roles past the Cyclops by saying his name is “Nobody”. Evidence of his qualities is when the poem says, “He is a man of twist and turns” (891). This quote shows the reader Odysseus’ role in lying to the Cyclops. As he continues through his journey, he encounters Poseidon who transforms Odysseus from him- self to the beggar his job is to be as. He then goes to lie about his identity to the suitors in order to gain knowledge on their plans. He only accomplishes this act due to his disguise. During the same time however, Odysseus appears to his close family in the beggar disguise. He then begins Anderson 2

to realize who actually is truly on his side or not. Before his family discovers the true beggear, Odysseus finally declares war on those terrible suitors. Without the act of lying here, the family would never have been able to scout out and beat the suitors in battle.

Odysseus also has many heroic stories that get him out of tough situations. First Hermes is...
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