The Oddessy- Odysseus a Hero

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Was Odysseus A Hero?

. Bravery, wisdom, and loyalty are some of the most important qualities in a hero, and Odysseus shows all of them. Throughout the entire poem he continuously displays these heroic qualities. The Odyssey is a poem by Homer that tells of the many experiences and adventures of Odysseus. The main characters in the story are Odysseus, his son Telemachus, his wife Penelope, and the goddess Athena. While all of them are important the one who makes the biggest impact on the reader is Odysseus. When reading the Odyssey you will see just how heroic Odysseus is.

You must demonstrate bravery in order to be considered a hero. First, Odysseus clearly demonstrates bravery when he goes to the Trojan War. He knows that he may die but he leads his men into battle anyway. He also shows bravery when he crosses through the strait because he knows he is risking being killed by Scylla and Charybis. Finally, Odysseus displays bravery when he takes on the suitors. Even though Odysseus, Telemachus and the herdsmen are greatly outnumbered they defeat all of the suitors. Homer writes "Every shot brought down a man in his house; there, one by one, they fell" (72). Homer was saying that the each time they shot there arrows a suitor was killed until there were none left. The revenge he sought on the suitors must have invoked great fear in him because there were so many suitors. Odysseus carried out the plan anyway, showed his bravery and put aside his fears. So obviously Odysseus has proven is bravery.

Heroes must also be wise. Odysseus' wisdom has been put to the test many times. When Telemachus visits Sparta and speaks with Menelaus, Menelaus told him, "I've come to know the stratagems and minds of many warriors: I've traveled far: but I have never seen a man to match Odysseus' never flinching heart" (72). Menelaus was telling Telemachus about Odysseus' many great and wise...
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