The Od Journey

Topics: Team building, Teamwork, Tata Consultancy Services Pages: 26 (4779 words) Published: October 16, 2012
TCS Case Study - The OD Journey
Vijaya Deepti P H
TATA Consultancy Services Ltd.
Presented at the conference on
Organization Development by Design- Perspectives & Pragmatics organised by
Indian Academy for Organizational Development (IAOD)
Sumedhas Academe 1
Feb 23-24, 2007


TCS Case Study – The OD Journey

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TCS Case Study – The OD Journey

Table of Contents
1. Statement of Confidentiality


2. Synopsis


3. Introduction: TCS -An Organizational Perspective


The Pre-OD Scenario: Our Strengths and Areas of Concern
Alignment and Structure at TCS
Scenario Building Workshops
Goal Alignment & Balanced Scorecard
PROPEL – The Intervention: Culture Building at TCS


4. The case of a large relationship at TCS:
Team Alignment through PROPEL framework & Spiral Dynamics
Value Cards at the Large Relationship
Improvements through Measurements/ Initiatives: Excellence at the large relationship (AEP)
Darpan - Reflect and Improve


5. Conclusion: TCS -The Paradigm Shift


Post OD scenario


TCS Case Study – The OD Journey

In organizations worldwide today, there is a greater realization of the importance of Organizational Developmental (OD) interventions in facilitating the rapid changes brought about in the current competitive environment. Organizations today struggle to balance the tensions between Voice of Customer, Voice of Technology, Voice of Strategy and Voice of Employee in the context of a globalized and dynamic market, which makes competitive advantage and sustainability the key mantras of corporate survival and success.

Organization Development has been defined as a process by which behavioral science knowledge and practices are used to help
organizations to achieve greater effectiveness, including improved quality of life, increased productivity, and improved product and service quality.
Its focus is on improving the organization's ability to assess and to solve its own problems & to move the organization to a higher level of functioning by improving the performance and satisfaction of organization members. (Stoner, 1978:385)

At Tata Consultancy Services Limited, (TCSL), too OD interventions have been instrumental in facilitating change management and bringing about competitive advantage. OD has contributed to redefining the

organization’s relationship to its environment, its markets and key stakeholders.
This paper briefly explores an overview of OD interventions at organizational level, and focuses in particular on the case of a large relationship within the organization wherein OD has brought about a paradigm shift especially in the cultural perspective. The structural alignment and commensurate cultural changes thereof have been facilitated in a deliberate manner to improve the total system - the relationship and its parts in the context of the larger market environment.


TCS Case Study – The OD Journey

Introduction: TCS -An Organizational Perspective
The Pre-OD Scenario: Our Strengths and Areas of Concern
In the years 1998-99, TCS had grown into the largest Indian software company with revenues of over Rs. 1600 crores and racing towards achieving its vision of being global top ten. As pioneers in the industry, TCS’s strengths included on time delivery, premier position...
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