The Ocean and Its Meaning

Topics: Plate tectonics, Atlantic Ocean, Ocean Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Christopher McCain
Professor Janet Joslin
ENC 1101-01Z
2 December 2012
The Ocean and Its Meaning
Humans have always been fascinated by what lurks at the bottom of the ocean as well as the mystery of extreme storms, sunken ships, and the ocean floor. From the tales of early pirates to ocean exploration today, the ocean is one of the most mysterious places on planet Earth. What we learn from ocean exploration is the understanding of life’s beginning and how vital the oceans are to Earth. Humans have been exploring the surface of the ocean for as long as they have had the ability to access the ocean. It was not until recent technology that humans have been able to explore up to 10,000 feet deep into the depth of the ocean. Even after exploring the deepest oceans, we still have not even scratched the surface of knowledge. Less than five percent of the ocean has been explored since ocean exploration began (“To, Date, We Have Explored”). The ocean is so vast that it covers seventy percent of the world. Most of the world is preserved and covered by salt water. In the ocean you can find extensive forms of life, valleys, mountain ranges, and plate tectonics that shape and drive the movement of continents (Tarbuck, Lutgens, and Tasa). Parts of the ocean have been unseen by the human eye up until recently; however, even with our extensive technology, we still cannot even reach the bottom of some the deepest oceans due to the amount of pressure the water places upon the submarines. In addition, oceans form extreme storms called hurricanes, named after Huracan, a Caribbean god of evil, and these storms form mainly between five and twenty degrees latitude; combined with wind and water to form a terrifying storm that has the capability of reaching a velocity of up to two hundred and sixteen miles per hour (“Hurricanes”). I have lived on the coast of Florida for nineteen years. I mainly grew up in Cocoa Beach and I, for one, have seen the devastating forces that...
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