The Obstacles Faced in Educating Children from Less Fortunate Families

Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 2 (875 words) Published: March 22, 2011
In the book Literary with an Attitude by Patrick J. Finn, associate professor of the Department of Learning and Instruction, states that “our schools offer literary equally to students, but somehow the ‘have nots’ refuse to take us up on our offer. They’re not smart enough or they’re lazy or simply perverse.” I believe a good majority of the less fortunate students are lazy and not motivated, therefore I do agree with that part of the statement Finn puts forth. There are many examples of this in the various articles I have studied in class.

In the article “Two Students” by Mitchell Landsberg, she portrays Henry as a completely capable student who could make his future in his education a success, but is too lazy. Henry’s parents and family live in a rented single room in an apartment in Watts. They work in a hospital and “in Henry, they see hope for a success they were never able to achieve.” Henry’s parents want him to have better than what they do and they know that if he stays in school and goes to college that goal is possible. Henry “was scheduled to take the PSAT [when] [the teacher] led a visitor to the classroom where students were working on the test [and] [the teacher] didn’t spot Henry.” When she looked around and realized he didn’t show up she was disappointed because he had so much potential and he was an intelligent person. It turns out Henry had company at his house and felt as if that was more important than his test. When Henry was asked about college he decided “after talking to the school nurse, a UC Santa Barbara graduate, he decided it sounded like a good place, because he likes the beach.” Henry did not have any other information regarding why he would want to attend UCSB besides the fact that he enjoys the beach. What Henry should have done was explore other possibilities based on majors or other factors that would be important. Location is important when choosing a future school, but Henry should have gone the extra mile and researched...
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