The Obstacle of Migration: Land of Oranges Essay

Topics: Sadness, Fruit, Short story Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Obstacles of migration
The way we battle through adversity and recover can often times define who we are. But sometimes no matter how you battle through adversity, coming out on top is impossible. This problem is expressed in the short story The Land of Sad Oranges by Ghassan Kanafani which reveals a story of the journey and settling of a family exiled from their homeland of Palestine. This family constantly recalls oranges and orange trees, which were very prevalent in their homeland. The oranges served as the physical and constant reminder of the families homeland, and the author uses the significance of the motif to show the obstacles faced by the people who are forced to move out of their country into their new home. While the father looks at the orange, the hardships associated with migration are seen. In a lorry driving to Palestine the narrator sees his father pick up an orange and starts crying, ”I thought that the oranges were something dear and these big, clean fruits were beloved objects in [the families] eyes... [The Father] began to gaze at [the orange] in silence, and then burst into tears “ (142). In the first section, the narrator shows the reader the value and importance of the oranges by stating that the oranges are beloved fruits. These oranges are a constant reminder to both him and the family of their homeland because there are a lot of orange trees there. When the father picks up the orange and looks at it, he is reminded of his homeland. His reaction of crying shows how he misses his his home and it illustrates one of the many difficulties experienced during the trip. The presence of weapons at the checkpoint makes it so the family is reminded of the current ordeal they are in. While entering a checkpoint, the narrator sees “the rifles and machine-guns lying on the table... all the well-tended orange trees which your father had bought one by one were printed on his face and reflected in the tears ”(142). As the family enters the...
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