The Obsession with Plastic Surgery

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  • Published : August 7, 2008
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Beauty enhancement may come in various forms and one of that is plastic surgery. Most of the people who passionate about plastic surgery that may result in negative effects of it, that will come in form of psychological disorder and later create problems in interpersonal relationships. This paper provides a critique on obsessive of plastic surgery which not necessarily goods to societies especially city dwellers based on many research done by psychologists. It purposely creates awareness towards the patient on positive and negative results through the utilization of plastic surgery. Motivation in order to improve human self-worth is more valuable instead of hunting for plastic surgery without recognize the definite results. Most patients who need the plastic surgery would be able to make a right decision in order to choose plastic surgery or other alternatives such as undergo therapy session with psychologists. Objective of this paper; to help the patients who needs the plastic surgery get the general idea on how important of the self-worth if compared than performing plastic surgery. The data on plastic surgery are based on library research and online databases. In Islam concerns about cleanliness act as a part of piety then applied in the sense of beauty. Bibliography:

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