The Nuremberg Laws

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The Holocaust Research Paper
The Nuremberg Laws
In 1933, Hitler and other members of his team, the Nazis, came up with over 400 statements against Jews and how they live. These statements became known as the Nuremburg Laws. These laws took away everything from the Jews daily lives just because they were thought to be “unhuman.” The Jewish population made up around one percent of the population of Germany.

Jews were not counted as people to Hitler, so he wanted them gone. On September 14, 1935, Hitler gave a speech to tell the people of Germany about the laws and how they would work.
Law one stated that marriages between Jews and Germans are forbidden. Next, sexual relations outside marriage between Jews and Germans are forbidden. Law three; Jews will not be permitted to employ female citizens of German blood. Also, Jews are forbidden to display the national flag or the colors (The History Place™). Any person who doesn’t follow law one will be punished with hard labor. Any person who breaks law two will be punished with imprisonment or with hard labor. Any person who breaks laws three or four they will be punished with imprisonment up to a year and with a fine, or with one of these penalties (The History Place™).

The telling of the Nuremburg Laws had many people in fear of what was going to happen with the Nazis. The issue of instructional charts helped classify the different Jews. About 690,000 people were counted as Jewish community. Many Jews feared for their life as well as their families. Nobody knew what was going to happen next.
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