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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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The New straits times started on 1845 when Catchick Moses, an Armenian bought a press and appointed Robert Carr woods as an editor. On the morning of July 15, Robert Carr Woods single - handedly edited and published the first issue of the Straits Times and Singapore Journal of Commerce which was printed on a hand press at a godown in No.7, Commercial Square(later known as Raffles Place), Singapore. It was an eight-page folio-sized paper, published every Tuesday with circulation of less than 200 copies.At that time, the price was 10 cents. After one year, Catchick Moses transferred ownership of the press to Robert Carr Woods. Then, Woods turned the Straits Times and Singapore Journal of Commerce into an afternoon daily, changing its name to the Daily Times. The Straits Times Press moved out of Raffles Place to more spacious rented offices in nearby Finlayson Green. The Straits Times Press modernised its services by introducing bicycles for suburban delivery. Four bicycles were bought and were painted bright red like fire engines, so that readers would know their copies. The Straits Times were being delivered to them as fast as possible. Following the death of Mrs. Cameron,the complete plant and assets of the Straits Times Press were sold off at an auction. On 30 May 1990, all the Straits Time Press assets were bought by a son in law of Mrs. Cameron on behalf of a syndicate, which converted Straits Times Press into private limited company. Alexender Williams still was appointed the Straits Times editor. Under him, the straits times earned a reputation as a “thundered of the east” with circulation figures 5000 a day. In July 1931, the Straits Times Press Pte Ltd invested in the first of a fleet of Morris Minor vans to expedite deliveries upcountry. On 20 December, Malaya’s first Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Times was launched with a circulation of 10000. It was printed in the early hours of Sunday morning for delivery in Singapore and Johore bahru in time with...
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