The Notebook Reflection

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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Movie Reflection-The Notebook

Leslie Ann King

In the movie, "The Notebook," a romantic story of a man and his wife and their love for each other is displayed, even though the wife is affected by Alzheimer’s disease and her memories and mind is gone. Alzheimer's disease is the slow loss of memories, experiences and personality. The middle slit in the brain expands and brain mass reduces in size. The amount of space left for the nerves and synapses becomes obsolete for links to be made to sustain cognitive operations. When the husband, Noah, realizes that his wife and love of his life, Allie, has this debilitating disease, he begins to write down in a notebook each momentous episode of their time together. With hopes of a memory occurring or remembrance, Noah would visit Allie and read to her an excerpt from his notebook. "The Notebook" exemplifies the significance of sustaining a connection with the person and to do whatever is necessary to become conversant with time, space, and whatever else is possible. That personal connection more than likely improved Allie’s daily quality of life. Noah’s never ending attempt to spark memories and contact could have diminished the use of medication to handle depression and outbursts. Noah's experiences great frustration when Allie has outbursts involving any kind of intimacy. More than just a sincere story of never-ending love, the movie displays a triumphant approach for dealing with Alzheimer's. Reading the notebook to Allie assisted with familiarizing her, building a path to what is in front of her . It aided to jog the memory of Allie and help Noah cope with what might be life as it is forever. It gave hope to fraught Noah.
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