The Notebook - Opinion Essay: Book vs. Movie

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  • Published : November 23, 2005
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The Notebook
Author: Nicholas Sparks & Director: Nick Cassavetes

The first time I saw the preview to The Notebook, I was already intrigued and had my heart set on seeing this film. Now, to be quite honest I am not a reader, but for some reason I had a gut feeling that this book would be worth my time, before watching the movie. After I purchased the novel, I sat down and finished it in one sitting. The entire novel had me drawn in and numerous emotions went through me as I read it. I couldn't put it down and waited impatiently for the film to be released into video stores. I purchased the movie because the book was incredible. At one point before watching the film I remember thinking the old saying of, "the book is always better than the movie." Watching the movie, I was amazed at how the film was almost precisely the same as the novel. One major variation was the fact that the images I created in my mind were the ones different on screen, but everyone's perception is different right? To give a little insight on the storyline, it starts off as summer love. A small town teenage boy, Noah falls in love at first sight with an upper class gal, Allie. Torn apart at the end of the summer, they both go their own ways; Noah enrolls himself into the army, to fight in World War II, while Allie volunteers as a nurse in search for him. Allie ends up becoming engaged with a lawyer, who is a part of a wealthy southern family and also the perfect husband in her parent's eyes. Several years pass before Noah and Allie are reunited. Their passion is rekindled and Allie is left to decide between Lon and Noah. This story has an astonishing impact on an elderly man who reads this everlasting love story everyday to a woman who turns out to be his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. This is their love story. After sobbing and drying my tears from my eyes I couldn't believe how a movie could raise so many emotions out of me. The characters, Allie and Noah were...
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