The Notebook

Topics: Memory, Implicit memory, Love Pages: 3 (1247 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Two young kids in love, but is it allowed? She’s a very rich proper daddy’s girl and he is a poor boy who grew up in the streets but love has struck between them and nobody could stop that, or could they. Mom says he is just a poor boy who makes 40 cents an hour and would never be able to provide for her and she is only 17 what does she know about love, but he promises her a good life and always to give her what she wants. As their summer romance goes on and they start to plan their future mommy and daddy decide its time to move as heart breaking as it is what could she do. She moves on with her life slowly but surly and he tries to do the same but for 365 days straight he wrote to her without a single reply. He builds the dream house she wanted and a lot of people were willing to buy it but he would never sell it, it meant way too much to him.

Allie begins to work as a nurse in the army base and meets a man who promises he’s taking her on a date when he recovers. He finally see’s her out on the street and they start their long journey of love. Her parents love him, he’s everything they want rich, and a good man and can give her a great life. They plan to get married when all of sudden Noah appears in the paper with her dream house. She has to go see him so she takes off, finds Noah and it’s like they pick up right where they left off He’s in love she’s in love and everyone’s happy but wait she has a fiancé. But she must choose, her 1st love or the man she thinks she loves now and her parents are crazy about.

Allie decides that her love for Noah is too strong to let go, and she decides to begin her life with Noah knowing that it will not be easy it is going to be a long fight and struggle everyday but its worth it. The movie then flashes to the present where Noah is reading their love story to her and they are both sitting in an old folk home where they take care of the sick or needy. Allie wrote if I ever leave you read our love story to me and I shall...
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