The Not So Happy Mothers Day

Topics: Sibling, Family, Parent Pages: 2 (801 words) Published: January 18, 2013
‘Mum stared hard..’ Write about a time when you were caught in a difficult situation with your parents.

The brightness of the early morning sun woke me up from my deep sleep. I walked down the stairs with eyes that were half opened still drowned in the lake of drowsiness when the striking red – colored calendar shocked my eyes. ’22 December’ was the date on the calendar. I smiled upon seeing the date. It was mother’s day. Every year, my younger brother, younger sister and I always plan something special for our mother on this beloved day and this year I was planning to do something different. No more gifts, just a simple dish cooked by the hands of my siblings and me. On that bright and happy day, the three of us made our way to the supermarket located next to our house. Excitements and enthusiasm were flowing in every cell in our bodies. All we could think of during that shopping time was that unforgettable smile that would form on her lips when she was on cloud nine. After buying all the ingredients need to cook our family specialty, we went back home and headed to the kitchen. Unwrapping the plastic bag containing the ingredients, I threw a glance at the clock and realized that it was already 5 p.m. One hour before mum’s arrival. As the captain of this plan, I put my younger brother and younger sister on the task that each of them was good at. I played the role of a chef and in charge of the cooking and seasoning while they were in charge of cutting, chopping, and preparing the ingredients. Pots clang, oil sizzled and soon our tiny kitchen was filled with the aromatic smell of the meatballs and spaghetti, our family specialty. Suddenly I heard a familiar clacking sound coming from high heels shoes. It was my mother. ‘‘Just in time,’’ I told my self with a content smile. In the count of three – one, two, three, the three of us shouted “Happy Mother’s Day!” when mum opened the door. She looked surprise as well as happy but not the kind of happiness that I...
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