The Normative Shift by Coral Bell Summary

Topics: World War II, War, Democracy Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Normative Shift by Coral Bell
The only constant on planet earth is time, and as long as the clock is ticking, there will always be things changing. It’s the natural effect from time and this holds true in the international scene. The changes that I’m speaking of regard norms expected and required behaviors. There are norms in all facets of life; domestic, international, and even social. While we grow accustomed to the ones around us today, there will be a shift soon and Coral Bell looks to analyze that in here piece. She believes there is a normative shift in regards to international norms. Bell states in here piece when speaking about the normative shift “by which I mean simply the social process of changing domestic or international rules about what is deemed acceptable or unacceptable behavior”(Bell).

The shift that she that states she sees is from a “realist/nationalist” norms to an alternative which is called “cosmopolitan” or “internationalist”. Basically the shift is from a world where states where the rational actors who made every big shift. But now the world has shifted to a more universal model which includes all sovereign states. There are three factors for this shift which she identifies as the “institutionalization of diplomacy”, the end of the cold war/the beginning of a unipolar world, and the most important in her mind, the information/communications revolution. By institutionalization of diplomacy she means that all countries realized they needed to trade with each other for success and you must have diplomatic relations to ensure good trade. When the cold war ended and the United State took over as the unipolar power, there was a huge difference internationally. As America tried to institute democracy worldwide they were seen as imperialists and treated as enemies or bullies. The third and most important factor from Coral Bell is the information/communications revolution which she states is created from the universalization of the internet...
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