The Noodle Maker: Business Concept

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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OWNERS “THE NOODLE MAKER” Karan Shah (9960051386, Aditya Mundada (9552555015, SIBM Pune

BUSINESS IDEA Business Concept
The Noodle Maker is a labour of love. It is said that every entrepreneur worth his weight started out with a lemonade stand in his own backyard. The Noodle Maker is a business which takes the basic concept of a "lemonade stand" and makes it more mobile and relevant for today's generation. We Indians love our Maggi, yes; we talk of the same instant noodle brand that has been ruling the market for ages. Imagine a friendly neighbourhood stand which serves you a piping hot bowl of Maggi noodles and ice cold lemonade, a place for a good snack and great conversation. The basic concept involves a mobile kiosk which can be transported easily and setup without effort. It has place to make and serve Maggi instant noodles and store lemonade in an ice box. Maggi can be made on a stove using 5 kg LPG cylinders. Lemonade can be premade and stored in a Styrofoam ice box. The kiosk would have enough space to store supplies, cash till and for one vendor to comfortably make and serve. The kiosk can be hooked on to a cycle and transported to any desired location. Depending on time of day, the kiosk can be setup near schools/colleges, near offices or near shopping areas. The location and pricing of products is inter-linked, depending on area and target consumer, the products can be priced differentially. This would help offset costs which might be associated with prime locations. A single vendor would be in-charge of the kiosk; he would be trained in all tasks including food preparation, kiosk setup, customer interaction, transport and location scouting. Our aim is not only to deliver a good product but also great service. Since, Maggi is the only brand that we are selling, establishing and maintaining good relations with suppliers is a must. We can negotiate bulk discounts and a proper...
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