The Night Circus

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  • Published : August 18, 2012
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Log 1
Quote: “Only when the girl looks at him with his own eyes does he realize what the theater mang3r was referring to. Prospero the Enchanter’s immediate reaction upon meeting his daughter is a simple declaration of: Well, f**k. “The girl returns her attention to her boots.”

Summary: The little 5 year old girl gets delivered to her father, who has no idea she exists .He gets told he has a package waiting for him in his office and sees his daughter. She is very shy and her name is Celia. Prospero the Enchanter or Hector, her father, doesn’t like her name so he tries to change it but she refuses to answer to anything else.

Response: It’s starting the story. Where she came from, who she is and even what she can do Log 2
Quote: “Do you trust me, Miss Martin?” Marco asks, watching her with the same intense stare from the café, only this time his eye are barely inches from her own. “Yes,” she says without hesitation. “Good,” Marco says, and with a swift movement he lifts his hand and places it firmly over Isobel’s eyes.”

Summary: These 2 young people meet, their names are Isobel and Marco. They get wine and get to know each other. Marco shows that he’s a magician. Isobel realizes what he is and finds out he’s no different than her and she falls in love with him.

Response: The plot is thickening. These 2 meet and no supposed to, at least that’s what I think. They’ll fall in love and soon find out that they really weren’t meant to be. Log 3
Quote: “Trust or dare?” Caroline calls from the upper branches. “Truth” is a resigned response, a yielding to Caroline’s abusive, nut and throwing version of the game. “Dare” is marginally defiant. “Bailey’s dare is to break into the Night Circus.”

Summary: Bailey has wanted to go to the Night Circus since he was 6, but his parents wouldn’t let him, so when his sister dared him to break in during the day he thought it didn’t matter what time of day as long as his get to go. While he’s there a girl shows up and...
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