The Night Audit

Topics: Hotel, Audit, Point of sale Pages: 3 (682 words) Published: March 6, 2013

I- Functions of the Night Audit:
( The major functions of the night audit is to:
• Verify posted entries to guest and non-guest accounts
• Balance all front office accounts
• Resolve room status and rate discrepancies
• Monitor guest credit limits
• Produce operational and managerial reports

1. The role of the night audit:
( The night audit requires attention to accounting detail, procedural controls, and guest credit restrictions. In this sense, the night auditor shall track room revenues, occupancy percentages, and other standard operating statistics. He/she shall, also, prepare a daily summary of cash, check, and credit card activities that occurred in the front office department on a daily basis. ( In night auditing, end of the business day is a vital time for the auditor. As far as the closing of business day is concerned, management shall determine the end of day, which is the time after which the night audit can prepare his/her daily Reports. This end of day is usually the time where the majority of outlets close or no more have frequent activity. ( The night auditor shall always compare the data conveyed in different folios against points of sales outlets daily reports, housekeeping room status report…This is called cross-referencing, and is a vital procedure in the internal control. ( After comparing, the night auditor should come up with the guest, non-guest, and departmental accounts. This total should match the daily POS totals (i.e. in balance). If not, then the auditor is said to be out-of-balance, and the night auditor shall substantially review all account statements, vouchers, support documents, and departmental source of documentation in order to bring the audit to balance. ( The night audit shall compare all credit limits of guests and non-guests accounts with credit card floor limits, hotel's house limit, guest's status and reputation. If high balance accounts (i.e. balances for which the guest or...
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