The Nigerian Cable Company

Topics: Bill of lading, Commercial item transport and distribution, Consignee Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Something is definitely wrong with the preparation of the bill of was stated before hand,that there was “specific consignee”, named in the market, but they still went ahead and issued a bill of lading, and not just any other type,but a straight bill of lading,which states that ‘the goods are consigned to a specified person and it is not negotiable,free from existing equities.So the problem here is the absence of a specific consignee ,and issuing a straight bill of lading. QUESTION 2

The Issuance of a clean bill of lading is so wrong, this is because from the case study one of the representative of the carrier had an inspection on the cargo prior to shipment and noticed that there was damage on few cartons, and still went ahead and issued a clean bill of lading, which is a report issued showing that the ‘price has been verified and that the good have been inspected before shipment, and that both comply with the buyer’s specification’. The representative should not have issued that clean report of inspection,having noticed that there was damages on some of the goods. QUESTION 3:

The buyer asked for an inspection certificate just to make sure that a quality inspection has been done on the goods and that the goods are safe and sound.So that just incase anything happens or he notices any damage on the goods, he can easily sue for damages, or better still return it for a change.

All the financial documents used in this company had one problem or the other that can label or render it invalid. Starting from when the straight bill of lading was issued without a specific consignee.Also the clean bill of lading which was issued even when there was damage on some of the goods. Also the quality inspection certificate that was not given by the company goes a long way in portraying the company as an unserious one.

Appraising the performance of the Nigeria...
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