The Next Trillion Dollar Industry

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Europe, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The Next Trillion Dollar Industry
In the world there are an enormous numbers of industries which are classified along various sectors in the different parts of the worlds. In old times when the world was developing the first revolution that took place was of Industrial Revolution it started from Great Britain then the rest of the World since then the survival of human beings without industries are impossible till now. The growth of the industries led the world to change for once in for all. Henry Ford play a vital role in the industrial revolution by introducing the Assembly Line .This is main innovation that took place in the industrial revolution which led Henry Ford one of the most successful business tycoon in the world .He is still remembered today as one of the most successful person on the planet. After the industrial revolution comes the production era .In the era business tycoons had a close focus on the bulk productions in order to minimize their costs regardless of the demand of a particular commodity. Today we live in the Information Era where the transfer of information from one place to another place takes within seconds. This era is also termed as era of innovations. The internet is prime innovation in today’s world. The internet let many other innovations such as cyber media & E-Commerce. Media its self is the world’s most powerful domain which are determined by the masses. There are various sources of media in the world in 90’s the most common was T.V. At that time all the major information travelled along T.V where advertising played it part to the limits. Now since the world is global media due to globalization the most vital media is the Social Media Industry. The Social Media Industry is totally interaction from one person to another person via internet. The industry is solely depended upon internet. Imagine life 25 year before? Hard to imagine even the communication was not rapid but today fast as light. Sites like Orkut ,Facebook,...
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