The Newsies

Topics: William Randolph Hearst, Joseph Pulitzer, Newsies Pages: 2 (866 words) Published: April 5, 2009
{draw:rect} {draw:g} {draw:frame} The Newsboys Strike takes place during the late 1800’s. During these times, working conditions for Americans in the New York area had become increasingly hazardous causing several workers to become injured on the job. Since in these times healthcare coverage was not an option for many workers, injuries often occurred and the employees of these hazardous-conditioned companies could do nothing but await their curing and hope the family might find a way to remain supported until they’d be able to continue working. For many families, this meant sending on the younger boys, sometimes as young as six and seven, into the streets to distribute these newspapers. Any revenue earned was habitually brought back to these children’s families. Once papers had been sold the cycle of child labor would repeat the following morning. This was a difficult time for many, especially younger children who in these times confronted issues such as homelessness and starvation, not to mention the lack of emotional support. Children all over New York City would wake early in the morning and follow on into their daily routines of buying papers and hoping to get a small profit to survive. Times seized to become even more difficult when Joseph Pulitzer begins to ponder on ideas of bringing in more money. “There’s more money out there in those streets, and I want to know how I can make more of it”. In his money-hungry words one can truly view his desperation to accumulate more money despite having to go to the extreme to retrieve this. After deliberating a few ideas on how to accumulate more money, both Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst decide to team upand profit together instead of constantly competing to gain profits. They would then proceed to raising the price of newspapers, believing that the “Newsies“ had no other option but to accept this harsh fact and try even harder to sell their “Papes” .This is a great example of Oligopoly in the area...
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