The Newest Harms of Technology

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  • Published : October 3, 2007
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From television sets to computers, many original inventions have emerged from the turn of the century. Along with these fresh inventions comes a set of completely new types of danger from breaking up familial ties to easy access of drug related information. Media outlets, that were considered revolutionary a century ago, are beginning to show their harmful effects in today's society. Parents should find new solutions to these problems instead of ignoring them because most American families own some form of media in their homes without realizing the actual danger behind them. One invention that poses a threat to kids is television because it provides people with an excuse to avoid their problems. For kids, it is often an escape from homework, and for adults it is a way to escape job pressures and family stress. It is an invention that destroys the concept behind the "family table" because it no longer brings families together, but rather it destroys their relationships with one another. When the television was first invented it was advertised as an innovation that brought families together to spend quality time with each other. Although in present day, "three quarters of all American families […] own two or more sets" (Winn, 217), on which "Mom [is] watching a drama in the kitchen, the kids [are] looking at cartoons in their bedroom, and Dad [is] taking in the ball game in the living room" (217). Television sets were also publicized as machines that provide useful information like the news and the discovery channel. Yet today only one out of every three people receiving cable, regularly watch any type of news' channel (People press).Although the television set at first glance seems to bring about a good change because of the opportunities it presents, very few today take advantage of the benefits of this invention and rather involve themselves in the negative effect of this "mind-altering drug" (Winn 277). As young children, we have all grown up watching "Sesame...
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