The New Vice President

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Management, Big Five personality traits Pages: 11 (2980 words) Published: June 15, 2012
Case 13 : The New Vice President

Jennifer Treeholm, the former Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs was appointed interim Vice President for a 3 year term at Mid-West University by the newly appointed President of said University. After the interim, the President reluctantly appointed her the role of Vice President of the University.

Jennifer has devoted her entire career to Mid-West U. She was initially hired as an Introductory History instructor. While teaching history, she earned her PH.D and was appointed Assistant Professor and as time progressed she was promoted to Associate Professor due to her popularity and excellent teaching ability. Over time, she would become actively involved in various activities on campus such as forming the first union, acquiring grants, writing skits for the faculty club’s annual follies and generally offering her support to anyone who needed her assistance. She became President of the Faculty Senate where she served two years before being offered the position of Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs where for the next ten years she handled most of the academic complaints, oversaw several committees and wrote letters and reports for the then Vice President.

Part A
Q 1: At this point, what are your predictions about Jennifer as the interim vice president? A glance thru of Jennifer background and at Mid-West U, briefly detail out what types of person she is. She was well known and admired among her peers for her devotion to the University as well as for her energy and charm. Her characteristics potray how she devote her entire life to work and her social environment. She maybe succeeds in her teaching career and administrative but selected as the interim vice president never guarantee her any success. Selected as the number-two person at the top of the organization would be challenging, as managing people and given the opportunity to decide what best for Mid-West U would be different task for her.

“Big Five” personality dimensions or personality traits. These so-called Big Five dimensions are called: • Extraversion (sometimes called Urgency). The broad dimension of Extraversion encompasses such more specific traits as talkative, energetic, and assertive – That is the reason Jennifer is so well known. • Agreeableness. Includes traits like sympathetic, kind, and affectionate. • Conscientiousness. Includes traits like organized, thorough, and planful. • Neuroticism (sometimes reversed and called Emotional Stability). Includes traits like tense, moody, and anxious – from cheerful person to layback • Openness to Experience (sometimes called Intellect or Intellect/Imagination). Includes traits like having wide interests, and being imaginative and insightful – She’s willing to take the challenge of becoming the vice president. These are not “types” of personalities, but dimensions of personality. So someone’s personality is the combination of each of their Big Five personality characteristics. For Jennifer, she may be very sociable (high Extraversion), very friendly (high Agreeableness), hard working (high Conscientiousness), easily stressed (low Emotional Stability) and poor decision making (low level of Intellect). A considerable amount of research suggests that personality is stable throughout life and associated with a range of important life outcomes, from academic and occupational success, to marital stability and physical health. Therefore in my opinion, Jennifer is very theoretical person as she’s only dealing with reporting and complaining. Reality wise, considering herself as beginner.


Q 2: What do you predict will be her management/leadership style?

Leadership is a process of influencing others to understand and agree about what needs to be done and how to do it, and the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives. Therefore, in my prediction was that...
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