The New Technologies in Teaching and Learning.

Topics: Education, Technology, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Technology has given many benefits to the human population so that most tasks which were mostly long and tiresome had become easy and simple. Learning has long been Man’s necessity since the day the first cavemen started to write. As time went by, paper, and books were invented during the feudal ages. Today, most information can be easily found on the internet and presented easily.

First of all, technology can be used to find and represent educational problems. Unlike problems that happen in the real world, technology can be used to incorporate graphics, videos and other tools to create problems that can be explored repeatedly. Problems which are given in the form of multimedia are much more understood compared to those written in text. Demonstrations and tutorials given in multimedia format are remembered well as they show a more detailed example of steps compared to descriptions written as text. A recent report suggested that the nation's teachers are woefully incompetent in the use of technology in the classroom." That's the statement I made in 2000. It is a relief to report that things have changed dramatically over the past 8 years. Why? Because a whole generation of new, younger teachers has replaced teachers who retired or moved on. The digital dinosaurs are largely extinct. Another use of technology in education would be to find educational resources. It would be more convenient for a student to search for study material online compared to walking or driving to a local library. Wikis and websites that are dedicated to compiling information makes searching and acquiring that information much easier compared to searching through rows and rows of books. The World Wide Web brings an endless amount of information but it takes a few search engines to easily find what you are looking for. The Internet has changed the way we find information, the way we absorb information, and the way we regurgitate information. The convergence of technology has sped up the...
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