The New Hollywood Cinema

Topics: Film, Movie studio, Film director Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: April 22, 2008
Some of the factors I have already discussed are also the main points that make new Hollywood Cinema New. One big contributor was the emergence of the ‘Movie Brats’ they led the film industry away from predictable films, in the studio era the directors part was not particularly relevant they would not get the chance to choose the films they made. In New Hollywood Cinema director is key, he chooses the film then looks for a star. Directors started to make movies they were passionate about and personal to them. New Hollywood Cinema broke the studio package; it had also become cheaper to make movies on location. Hollywood was no longer the movie centre of the world. New Hollywood Cinema also saw the emergence of Special effects; they became an important part in many big budget blockbuster movies. The rise of the blockbuster is another huge factor in what makes New Hollywood Cinema new.

As I have shown a lot of production techniques changed when the studio system was abolished for New Hollywood cinema. No longer were films produced mostly by the studios, the director became in many situations the most important part of the film. Directors choose films and crew then in most cases would go to a studio to seek financial backing for the film. Studios did not make as many films as back in the studio era. New technological advancements led to other factors like special effects being very important in production. Another difference in the two eras was the emergence of different marketing techniques like having merchandise with a movie and huge advertising ploys. I have also detailed what I find to be the biggest factors in what makes new Hollywood cinema new. “The demise of Hollywood as the once great movie centre of the world and glamorous land of American dreams is attributed to the collapse of the studio system” (Konigsberg, 1993, P157)
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