The New Eco-House Plan

Topics: The Council, Cervical cancer, The Other House Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Recalling her lengthy wait for suitable accommodation, she said: “We had to go private for a while and I had seven children in a two-bed house. “Then we got this three-bed house and they knocked a doorway through to the one next door.

Six bedrooms ... new eco-house plans
Tewkesbury Council / SWNS.
“It was meant to be for four months but we’ve been here for five years now. “It’s a nightmare because you can’t keep an eye on the children in the other house and there’s only one door between them, which is a fire risk. “I’ve got the older children living over there while I’m with the younger ones in this house.” Heather, who can have no more children after battling cervical cancer last year, has sparked outrage from critics who call her new home a waste of taxpayers’ money. She said: “People say having cancer is my fault for having so many children which is a terrible thing to say. They don’t know my life. “I didn’t ask for a six-bed house — it was the council’s decision. “They always had plans to build one, along with the four-beds and the three-beds.

Plans ... house is special eco build
“When we moved into the temporary accommodation that we live in now, we were always going to have to move on eventually. It was just whenever a six-bed became available. "If I didn’t take it someone else would. My biggest argument is that if I don’t have it, another family will — so why shouldn’t I want the best for my family?”

Spacious ... floor plan of 1,850sq ft mansion
Tewkesbury Council / SWNS
The eco-friendly house, with two lounges, has been designed to reduce energy and water consumption. But campaign groups last night hit out at the situation.
Robert Oxley from the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “It’s scandalous that so much time and money is being spent on one custom-built house. “Many people can’t afford to buy their own home, but have to opt for what their budget allows.

Designs ... how home will look
“Benefits are there to help those who need...
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