The New Direction of the Development of Baidu

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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The New Direction of the Development of Baidu

Table of Contents
Executive Summary1
1.1Objectives of the research1
1.2.1 Uses and applications1
1.2.2 Target market2
1.2.3 Key success factors2
1.2.4 Reasons for choosing2
1.3 SWOT analysis & the 4Ps3
1.4 Thesis statement3
2.1Data collection Methods3
2.2How data collection methods addressed the research objectives4
3.1Key competitor4
3.2SWOT analysis of Baidu & the recommendation of TWO marketing mixes4
3.3Summary of findings6
4.1Interpretation of findings7
4.2Effectiveness of the research8
5.0Conclusion and Recommendations8
5.1Preferred marketing mix8
5.2Competitive edge of this marketing mix over8

Executive Summary
This report is for choosing the best marketing mix for Baidu according to the collected data to give it a new direction to compete with its key competitor, Google. Baidu is an Internet search engine with many additional functions mainly in Chinese. A questionnaire is used to survey 61 subjects in Qingdao GAC center in order to do further analysis. Further analysis of collected data reveals that most subjects prefer using Google and give suggestion of what functions Baidu needs to improve, like Baidu Knows. Most of the participants expect Baidu to develop international market starting in Asian countries and think Baidu should put advertisement on websites, especially social websites to introduce itself to more people. However, most of the participants do not support Baidu to develop Smartphone related market. According to the results, the report concludes that it is better for Baidu to establish international environment (especially to Asian market) and improve its functions and services like Baidu Knows and Encyclopedia, etc. 1.0 Introduction

2.1 Objectives of the research
The objective of this report is to choose the best marketing mix for Baidu from two provided mixes based on the collected data. It aims to give Baidu a new developing direction to exploit the new potential market. 1.2.1 Uses and applications

Baidu is a Chinese language search platform which dominates this area in China now. Its advanced search engine provides online search to lots of people. Besides, it offers many additional functions like Baidu Knows and Baidu Encyclopedia (Baidu Introduction, no date). 1.2.2 Target market

All of the Internet users (but it mainly focus on the Chinese users at present) 1.2.3 Key success factors
In this market, the key success factors include: providing correct and objective information, renewing the data base quickly and efficiently, improving the existed service and develop new service to fit the variable demands of the market to make the company more competitive compared to other similar companies, using a convenient design, etc. 1.2.4 Reasons for choosing

Baidu is the most common search engine used in China and I am one of the users of it. Although it is very useful when I search some Chinese information and videos in it, it still has several weaknesses such as the inaccuracy of some data, the huge amount of advertisement in its websites, the insufficiency of foreign language searching, etc. I enjoy Baidu very much because it helps me a lot, so I would like to provide some advice to help it develop better. 1.3 SWOT analysis & the 4Ps

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This analysis helps to make strategic planning more effective as well as give companies ideas to take over the disadvantages and take advantages of the advantages. 4Ps stands for product, which must meet consumer demands, price, which must be suitable to the target market, place, which must offer the right distribution channels and promotion, which must appeal to consumers. It is the best way to define marketing...
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