The New Database Environment

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The project for the implementation of our new system for billing and customer management is approaching completion. At the moment, the application has passed the user acceptance testing stage and the hardware is already in place. During the development of the system, the team realized that the existing database platform was inadequate to the new system; hence, they suggested using more modern database environment which will cost the company additional licensing costs.

In parallel to this development, we will be releasing our new product which is greatly beneficial to farmers locally and abroad. The goals of the company to decrease the use of pesticide for environmental reason will be achieved by 70% and increase the crop yield by 35%. Due to poor project budgeting of the new system in the planning phase and the continuous increase of the project costs, it caused a cash flow restriction. We could delay the commercialization of the new product if we pay the license cost of MS SQL. The developer has offered a temporarily solution for a short period of time until we resolve our cash flow issue. He recommended installing the SQL server software to our network from his own company’s licensed copy or he can virtualizes another SQL environment on his server and we can connect to that.

I strongly disagree with the developer’s proposal. Our response to his suggested solution reflects our point of view of ethical issue and somehow affects the company’s reputation. It is inappropriate to use other company’s license even in a very short period of time. This is piracy and we don’t want other people to pirate our product as well, thus I suggest not supporting piracy of any kind. Software piracy results in providing no incentive for companies to be willing to develop new software. This harms the business of local software distributors thus lowering the government revenues in the form of taxes. Microsoft deserves to be compensated for their efforts put in to producing...
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