The New Atlantis Thesis

Topics: Miracle Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: December 5, 2012
The New Atlantis
In this essay I will prove that Bensalem has the ability to control all information coming in and out of the island, as well as the ability to tweak the truth by creating illusions. To add on, Bensalem also formed one of the illusions of which created a miracle of how the island became Christian. The Father of Salomon’s House tells the narrator many secrets that are only kept within Salomon’s House. Out of all the secrets kept hidden the one that stood out to me was that the Fathers know how to make demonstrations of all lights and radiations. The Father also reveals that they can produce all demonstrations of shadows and procure means of seeing objects afar off as in the heaven and remote places. These abilities can explain the miracle of the great pillar of light that rose from the sea up towards heaven portraying a cross of light. One of the things that make The New Atlantis so suspicious is Bensalem’s Laws of Secrecy. These Laws of Secrecy are basically the reason why this island has yet to be found. These laws refer to Bensalem’s travellers and the rare admission of strangers to their island. Information about the island is not permitted to go out but only enter the island so that the house of Salomon is educated about the world, yet the world knows nothing about the island. In the book the narrator hints that if you are accepted into the island there will be no way out. He says you are able to leave freely but there’s a chance you won’t make it out there. To me it seems that the Salomon House is keeping control of this island one way or another. If being bound to the island does not convince you the Salomon House is controlling Bensalem, wait ‘till you hear how they became Christian. So the story goes, “About twenty years after the ascension of our Saviour it came to pass, that there was seen by the people of Renfusa (a city upon the eastern coast of our island, within sight, the night was cloudy and calm), as it might be some...
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