The Neolithic Revolution

Topics: Neolithic, Neolithic Revolution, Domestication Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: February 12, 2012
The Neolithic Revolution
For the duration of mans existence vast changes have taken place that have drastically shifted the course of history. The repercussions of these turning points can be interpreted as positive or negative, depending on the point of view of each individual. There were many major turning points in the line of history. One very major turning point is the Neolithic revolution. The Neolithic revolution is seen as a huge change because it shifted the way of living from a nomadic lifestyle to an agricultural and settlement lifestyle. This change was drastic because now nomads wouldn’t have to move with the hunt or the ripening line. This also meant that they would not have to constantly set up temporary settlements. They could easily plant their food, and make permanent homes and thrive in one area. This would spark the Neolithic Revolution. But even though this change was good it would bring many negative and positive effects along with it.There were multiple effects that occurred due to this change in everyday living. Some effects were negative and others positive. An example of a positive effect is that through farming you were able to expand and develop civilization. Because of this they could advance into new ways of life, such as writing and trade and religion. Another positive example was the domestication of plants, animals. This meant that they controlled the way the animals and plants were raised to make them best suited for the use of humans. For example, the gatherers in the Neolithic age figured if they began to gather up the animals they normally hunted, then they could be used to provide resources other than the basic uses of the animals. Through this process they wouldn’t work as hard as they normally would and they had the best of the best to work for us. This made everyday living just a little easier.

Unfortunately along with the good came the bad. Negative effects rolled into play along with this change in...
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