The Neolithic Revolution

Topics: Industrial Revolution, World population, History of technology Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: December 7, 2011
The Neolithic Revolution was the series of technological advances and changes in human groups that lead to the development of agriculture. The Industrial Revolution was a series of thoughts and changes in economy of the western nations, motivated by the population increase and the growth of agricultural activity. Though they are far apart in time, the Neolithic Revolution and the Industrial Revolution not only share a wide range of similar ideas, but they also show many different concepts of living and social thoughts.

The Neolithic Revolution and the Industrial Revolution have many concepts that are in common. Both these revolutions increased the standard of living. In the Neolithic Revolution, people were able to work more and to get jobs. They were introduced to many new inventions that helped simplify their daily life. Also, in the Industrial Revolution, the standard of living was improved. The people were introduced to more and better good, as seen in the Neolithic Revolution, and also introduced to medicine which helped the people live healthier lives. Also, both of these revolutions lasted for long periods of time. The Neolithic Revolution lasted for thousands of years and the Industrial Revolution lasted for only hundreds of years.

These revolutions also have similarities within their economy. Both of their economies were strengthened at some point in the revolution. Also, during both these revolutions people migrated to more populates areas. The people in the Neolithic Revolution migrated to villages and the people of the Industrial Revolution moved to cities in the suburbs.

The Industrial Revolution also had some negative aspects, as did the Neolithic Revolution. Throughout the uprising, disease spread because the people are not moving from town to town as much and moving around. People were also beginning to be taken for granted now that they were settled in to one area. Both groups of people experienced pollution within their cities and...
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