The Negativr Effects of Texting Among 4th Year Students of Bcnhs

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Chapter 1

OMG! Rili? Dnt now bowt dat.lmfao. Btw, wr u nw? Fam. dner 2nyt s hauz, r u cuming? Repz, azap..!!”,. Have you received that style of text message? Have you sent this kind of text message? In the Philippines where almost everyone has cellular phones, this style of text messaging is no riddle basically for teenagers and young adults. Text messaging has become a common everyday means of communication by which many of us communicate at a distance on a daily basis practically because text messaging cost less than an actual voice call. In 2006, 500 million text messages were sent daily and 250 million in 2005, according to the National Telecommunications Commission. Smart Communications, the country's biggest telecoms group, said that messages on its network hit a daily average of 700-750 million in 2006. Rival Globe Telecom told Reuters about 300-400 million messages were sent daily on its network also in 2006. And in 2007 it raised up to 1 billion text messages. ( At the end of 2007, four of the top mobile service providers in the country stated that there are 42.78 million mobile subscribers in the Philippines; thus Philippines have become the “texting capital of the world.” ( When people send text messages, they need the speed of the communication as it is essential to the conversation. Some people even have virtual “text conversations” whereby two people will send numerous text messages back and forth in almost similar manner as if they were speaking to each other directly face to face. An entirely new culture of “text speak” has emerged. This involves texting using abbreviations and symbols, instead of correct spelling, to shorten the length of time and space it takes to write a sentence with the same meaning intended.

The expanding availability of text messaging raised questions and criticisms about the effects of text messaging on standard literacy. One of the most cited criticisms, particularly by academics, is that text messages have encouraged the “dumbing down” of our youth when it comes to spelling. It is accurate to say that the over-use of texting has been detrimental to the way students write formally in the classroom and in the real world. The character limitations on text messages have caused students to form their own style of writing. Using this style so frequently has caused them to carry it over to formal writing projects. Although students are writing more than ever, they are writing with little to no depth, terrible grammar, and are abbreviating almost every word they write. Texting has negatively affected the way students write. This study aims to determine whether the texting habits of the fourth year high school students of Bacolod City High School should be a concern as it is significantly demeaning their spelling proficiency. Statement of the Problem

This study seeks to know the correlation of frequent text messaging using abbreviated words on the English spelling proficiency of the Fourth Year students of Bacolod City High School for the 3rd Quarter of S.Y. 2011-2012.

Objectives of the study
1. To give awareness to the students of the negative effects of frequent use of abbreviated words in text messaging to their English spelling proficiency. 2. To encourage them to practice correct spelling in texting from time to time if possible. 3. To help them realize that practice of correct spelling will help their English spelling proficiency and vocabulary skills in the long run.

Null Hypothesis
There is no skeptical effect of texting to the spelling proficiency of the fourth year students of Bacolod City High School. Hypothesis
There is a negative effect of texting using abbreviated words to the spelling proficiency of the fourth year students of Bacolod City High School.

Theoretical Framework
Philippines retained its title as the text messaging capital of the world - sending a...
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