The Negative Influence of Video Games

Topics: Video game, Violence, Crime Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: November 30, 2011
The Negative Influence of Video Games
Video games are a relatively new medium of entertainment, which gives us control over the story to play it out, act it out, making it engaging. This leads to games being extremely fun, challenging, appealing and addictive. With time, games with improved mechanics, visuals and complexity are released making it even more appealing for the player making it difficult for people not to like video games. Nevertheless, video games tend to have certain effects on people too, especially those who are psychologically weaker. While this might not be true to everyone, there are cases where many people become reclusive and unsocial because of excessive playing of video games. I too was addicted to playing video games when I was younger, and there are days I wish I was more productive because I could have done things differently. My addiction to video games might not necessarily have been extreme, but it was to an extent where time was being wasted and my grades were being affected. This put me in a mental state where I wanted to change but due to being so used to escaping reality by drowning myself in playing games, hence, making me depressed. While this might not hold true to everyone, I have come across many people who due to spending too much time and money on video games ended up in depression. Video games when played in excess can cause problems to the gamer. Over the years’ academics, politicians, psychologists and parents have been saying that children are spending too much time playing video games. Children being at a stage of life where they should be active physically, they stay rooted in their chairs spending their time controlling pixels on the screen. According to Education Professor Patrick McCormack, “All these hours in front of the screen interfere with the time adolescents should be giving to study, playing outside with their friends, and other social activities. Reports and studies suggest that extensive "gaming" (like...
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