The Negative Influence of Horror movies

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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I dislike watching horror movies because they are negative towards people and you have to deal with it mentally. When I was seven, I had a bad experience with a scary movie. My friends forced me to watch Halloween with them on a cold fall night in October. The disturbing image of Mike Myers killing someone is still locked in my mind today. I hated this film because of the white mask Mike Myers would wear. I hate the fact that I know something is going to pop out at me in the movie and make me jump out of my seat. Studies today have shown that watching gory horror movies can cause disorders. On the night when I watched Halloween, my reaction towards horror movies changed. After watching this movie, I was scarred for life. The images of the murders that happened in Halloween are still stuck with me. Having to see gory images and people getting killed was too scary for me. After watching this movie, I could not fall asleep. I had to keep a night light on to make myself feel safe. The only thing I could think about was Mike Myers wearing his white mask. I had a horrible nightmare when I finally fell asleep. In my dream, I was being chased by Michael. I woke up all hot and sweaty. I reacted to this horror film by feeling sleep deprived and having a bad dream. I don’t react to horror very well. When I watch horror films, I get chills running down my back. Seeing people getting murdered gives me a loss of appetite and stomach aches. During the movie, I tend to become clingy because I get scared. I always want to have someone next to me. When it is time for me to sleep, it takes me a while because the images are still fresh in my mind. When I do fall asleep, I get nightmares based on Halloween. Watching horror movies has effects on people such as anxiety. Studies have shown that horror movies can cause sleeping disorders, aggressiveness and self-endangerment. Children that have watched horror movies would avoid real life situations that have happened in a horror...
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