The Negative Effects of the Internet

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Facebook Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: April 23, 2013
I wholly disagree with the notion that “When you give everyone a voice and everyone power, the system usually ends up in a really good place”. This idea is not only naïve and foolish but simply untrue. Cyber bullying , cyber stalking and cyber paedophilia are threats that have sprung up in recent years in tandem with the modern phenomenon that is social media where everybody’s voice and opinion can be heard (well, read ) no matter how inappropriate illegal or damaging it may be to another person or even a group of people. Along with these cyber space based problems, content shared or posted online can often step over the threshold of the internet and affect somebody’s day to day life. However, seldom the voice and power given by the internet and social media is responsible for awareness campaigns such as “Kony 2012”. Unfortunately the harsh and brutal reality is, when people can hide behind computer screens, even gain anonymity if they wish, the darker side of a person quite often shines through and the system does not end up in “a really good place”.

Cyber bulling, the scourge of my generation and many generations to come is vicious, devastating and unapologetic. Before the days of social media and even widespread mobile phone ownership, let’s say pre 2000 bullying would generally take place in school corridors, maybe within clubs or organisations and within the workplace. Even though bullying was and always will be a traumatic experience, in those days it was escapable, a victim of bullying could go home, or to a friends house or anywhere really out side where they were being bullied and be free of it. With the advent of social networking and text messages the torment of bullying has been made inescapable. Poisonously worded text messages, tormenting wall posts and mocking comments being fired at a person night and day by a coward hiding behind a computer screen is taking bullying to a whole new extreme. In my opinion cyber bullying is far more detrimental,...
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