The Negative Effects of Technological Change

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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When embarking on technological change, an organisation must take into consideration the implications associated with this endeavour and the negative impact it may have. Let us take the rapid growth of Information Technology (a widespread and relatively recent technological change) as an example.  With an increase in the amount of personal data in circulation, the need for data protection has also risen. This is best emphasised through the introduction of the Data Protection Act in 1998. Although many welcome such legislation, the need for data protection has proven to be an external constraint for organisations who collect, store and process personal data. For example, under the act's security condition, organisations must ensure that personal data is protected from theft, alteration and destruction. In order to meet this condition, an organisation would have to implement certain security..... Do New Technological Devices Enrich People's Lives or Clutter Them? Summary:   Technology is the practical application of knowledge, which has slowly urbanized over the years in hopes of improving people's everyday lives. Is technology for better or for worse? Do new technological devices enrich our lives or make us busier? Although the latest technology benefits us by performing tasks quickly and efficiently, at the same time, such gadgets result in shunning the rest of the world. Analyzing laptops, MP3 players, and cell phones may help to determine a general conclusion about technology and if whether changes in society have improved us humans. 

Glancing around, all I see is that the streets are heaved with boisterous groups of people. Everyone is preoccupied with thoughts of his or her individual business. Passing by a lady engaged into a conversation with a friend, I stop to gaze through a window. A man shuts the computer off, rummages through papers, and prepares to go home to his family. A bunch of teenagers pass by me, after purchasing the latest CDs from the...
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