The Negative Effects of Sugar

Topics: Nutrition, Sugar, Insulin Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Kelsie Sanker
Miss Sangster
College English II
February 19, 2013
An Apple A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away
One teaspoon of granulated sugar equals 4 grams of sugar; a typical coke contains 39 grams of sugar which is about 9.75 teaspoons. Students need to understand that high sugar foods even though they are scrumptious are very bad for their health and can do a heap load of damage to them in the longer run. High sugar foods and sodas should not be sold in vending machines in schools in order to protect the pupil’s health.

"Sugar may cause as many deaths as cigarette smoking, perhaps even more… but no one is sounding the alarm." - Dr. Scott Olson, ND, author of Sugarettes: Sugar Addiction and Your Health. Junk food does not give the body enough nutrients, rather it highly causes diseases among consumers. Some of which are not included in high sugar content or fats, and of which overconsumption of such goods will result in adverse results in the human body, such as obesity. Sugar is directly converted to fat by your body thus the more sugar you eat, the fatter you will be. Along with obesity high sugar beverages and snacks can cause the blood sugar to increase (hyperglycemia). Hyperglycemia can damage the vessels that supply blood to vital organs, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, vision problems, and nerve problems in people with diabetes. Perhaps the more common one among citizens engaging in excess high sugar products is type 2 diabetes. If a person lacks exercise and is obese their bodies will not produce the hormone insulin thus the body cannot break down food

Students often have a hectic schedule which consists of late nights and early mornings. This will cause pupils during the day to often feel tired and lacking of energy. They need to be focused during their classes so they intake high sugar products which they believe will give them a boost of energy and will help them stay up and concentrate. On the...
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