The Negative Effects of Marketing to Children Inappropriately

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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Carl V. Robinson
26 April 2011
Final Draft
The Negative Consequences of limited Regulations in Marketing to Kids. Juliet B. Schor is a New York Times bestselling author, who has pointed out many of the negative effects of limited regulations regarding big corporations marketing to our kids. She has shown in her book Born to Buy how marketers have targeted our children through unethical advertisement. Furthermore, her book shows the exploitation of children through advertisement for alcohol, additive junk food, adult entertainment, expensive trendy clothes, and fatty foods. Consequently, many of these products have caused children to become obese in this modern society. Markedly, all of the above mentioned is counterproductive for children. On the whole, the main points of her book is how children are groomed to buy from birth with inappropriate advertisements. In this country, its society has become cultures of consumerisms. This is causing the children of today to have a false sense of self- worth. In its present days, Americans are living in a post modern society and need to retain many of its premodern ethical values. This country must shed many of its values of the late seventies and early eighties. During this era, the mood of the country was, if it feels good just do it. People need to think of society as a whole because all actions effects everyone else in some small way. Lease but most, they must think of the future of the children, for through them the American people and its dream will continue to live. As results of greed and self gratification, People are causing our modern societies to neglect the needs of its most vulnerable citizens , which is its children. In essence, people have begun to take candy from babies. Similarly, people are marketing unhealthy products to children for a profit. In addition, marketers are using kids to influence the buying habits of adults through teaching kids to nag for big tag items. This is unethical and made...
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