The Negative Affects of Technology on Education

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  • Published : March 24, 2011
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                The threat of technology has always been present. It’s been quickly picked up by modern America with the demands of contribution to our fast-paced lifestyle, as well as the growing capacity of our laziness (the luxury of texting, voice-to-text compatibility, etc.). Though technology offers great possibilities to expand one’s knowledge, it has increasingly become a threat to that possibility.

                High school is the ultimate peak of a child’s learning. It’s the time everyone knows oh too well for its infamous college applications, placement testing, Advanced Placement courses, SAT’s, late nights studying… However, as much as the high school glory days are known for their jam-packed schedules of anything school related, they are more and more falling into the pits of technological advancement.  Those college applications that used to be thought over for days on end, inspected to every last period for perfection, hand-written qualification stories, can now be plagiarized at the blink of an eye with the help of the World Wide Web. The late night studying sessions have been traded with late night phone conversations with a boyfriend or a quick dose of gossip. The high ranking tests have been taken by obsolete brains since cheating was made ten times more accessible through texting and the mobile web.        (statistic here proving that early technology was not sufficient in impacting a grade) It’s easy to accumulate that before the availability of the cell phone and a household computer, the inaccessibility made it possible for a child to not only read in a comfortable environment, but students were actually more capable of retaining that information they learned and connect it better with topics learned in the future. Technology has not only slowed us down, it’s paralyzed us.

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